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Best hip hop albums of all time xxl

Here is the standard fingering for the D Dorian mode in the guitar’s 10th position (remember, all shapes on the guitar are moveable). You can follow along from here on in audio, standard notation, and tablature. If you think through what music your listener was likely exposed to as a child, you can

New rappers 2019

This is a two-part course series dedicated to sampling found sounds at home and turning them into all kinds of beats and tracks in Ableton Live. The first part is taught by Ableton Certified Trainer Brian Jackson, and concerns how to capture sounds using a simple microphone setup at home, and

Rappers with fake personas

If you’re interested in becoming a content partner, please send articles and inquiries to support(at)! Lots of times we think the best practice should feel easy, when the opposite is actually true. I remember this point coming up a lot in the another useful rundown of effective practice techniques, the

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