Speak Up for Hawaii’s Fishes: Next Hearing To Be Announced…

The aquarium trade is hurting Hawaii’s marine life and reefs.

Join us as we urge the County Council committee to pass Bill 318 prohibiting starvation and requiring sufficient water volume during transport. Voice your support in person at the hearing location (the Hilo or Kona Hawaii Council Chamber) or via videoconference at locations across the island. Date/time to be announced.

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Bill 318, introduced by Hawaii County Council member Margaret Wille, will end the practices that cut short the lifespans of Hawaii’s marine life captured and sold by the aquarium trade. The legislation addresses these facts:

  • 80% of fish deaths in household tanks are due to supply chain practices.
  • Most of the marine life captured for aquariums are to replace those that died prematurely because of harmful practices.

The state has refused to take action despite resolutions and support from Hawaii, Maui, and Kauai County Councils urging an end to commercial aquarium collecting. With state inaction, 88% of Hawaii Island residents support regulating at the county level, as Maui County did.

It’s time to end this vicious cycle that harms marine life and depletes Hawaii’s reefs.

Please help — it’s time to end the waste.  Submit easy ‘one click’ testimony here.

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