Speak Up for Hawaii’s Reefs & Fishes: Two Campaigns — One Goal

The aquarium trade is hurting Hawaii’s marine life and reefs.

You will help make the difference. Please join us in supporting protections for Hawaii’s reefs and wildlife at the Hawaii State Legislature and the Hawaii County Council. SIGN-UP for Action Alerts.

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Two thirds of Hawaii residents polled want the aquarium trade to end. Their top concerns? Negative environmental impact to coral reefs, disrespect of native Hawaiian values of caring for the land and ocean, and the cruel and inhumane treatment of reef wildlife.

Learn:  HAWAII ISLAND/COUNTY initiatives here.

If the state won’t end the aquarium trade, 88% of Hawaii Island residents support regulating the trade at the county level, as Maui County did. Introduced by Hawaii County Councilwoman Margaret Wille last November, Bill 318 will end the practices that cut short the lifespans of Hawaii’s marine life captured and sold by the aquarium trade.

It’s time to end the vicious cycle that harms marine life and depletes Hawaii’s reefs.

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